City Council of Ejea

An Administration close to the citizens of Ejea and its towns, and welcoming to those who come from the outside. That is the vocation of the City Council of Ejea: to make Ejeanos happy citizens.

Provide basic services to the population: worthy, effective and efficient. Promote a sustainable and balanced development of the municipality. Promote progress on social bases.

Ensure quality of life parameters for all citizens equally. Offer culture, education, sports activities, social services, territorial and urban balance, with respect to the environment and sustainable economic development.

We aim to continue building a modern and dynamic Ejea, integrated within Aragon and the Ebro Valley, in Spain. Where citizens, those here and those there, are served by the City Council of Ejea in their basic needs. We want to contribute so that all the people who live in our territory can build a dignified, honest and future life.