Family and Health

Ejea de los Caballeros offers favourable conditions of life and well-being to its inhabitants and this translates into a high level of satisfaction of citizens.

Socio-health needs are widely covered. The activation of the Cinco Villas High Resolution Health Centre that provides a specialized, scheduled and urgent healthcare service, both on an outpatient and hospital basis, has improved the population’s access to specialized medical services without having to move from the municipality. The Healthcare Complex is completed with the Continued Care Center and the headquarters of 061.

The sports facilities offer a wide and diversified offer for the practice of sports. It has a Sports City, Football Stadium, Municipal Sports Pavilion and Municipal Swimming Pools, a covered one and an open summer one. There are facilities both in the central nucleus and in the eight towns that form the municipality.

The prominence of sports clubs, groups and associations revitalize much of the local sports activity. Apart from these, the City Council promotes activities through the Municipal Sports Service. On the other hand, the training cycle of animation of physical and sports activities and the activities of the Municipal Sports Council, can be considered very positive resources in terms of sports revitalization.

High Resolution Centre

The Cinco Villas High Resolution Health Centre is integrated into the public system and serves as a reference population of approximately 32,000 users corresponding to the basic health areas of Ejea de los Caballeros, Luna, Sádaba, Sos del Rey Católico and Tauste.

In this centre, a specialized, scheduled and urgent healthcare services are provided, both on an outpatient and hospital basis.

The service portfolio of this healthcare centre includes:

  • External Consultations.
  • Operating rooms.
  • Emergency.
  • Hospitalization.