People and Culture

Throughout history, the Ejeanos – people of Ejea – have been forging a way of living and understanding the life they had to live. That historical evolution has been penetrating the deep fabric of the society of Ejea from the past times to the most immediate present, giving rise to a feeling called “Ejeanity”.

“Ejeanity” is a way of being; a longing composed of respect for history, cultural and artistic heritage and local traditions and love for them. But also an eagerness for modernity and progress. A transparent and frank look towards the future. It is also a determined assumption of the civic values ​​of the humanists and enlightened tradition and the defense of the values ​​common to the rest of the Spanish and European culture.

Collective self-esteem and loyal commitment to the municipality and the nation to which it belongs and to the people who inhabit it, is an element that, among other advantages, adds up to social and economic development as a formidable stimulus. This is an asset that Ejea de los Caballeros values a lot to face the challenges of the future with firmness and hope.

This collective idea called “Ejeanity” has a series of links that over time have formed a chain of unity between all the Ejeanos: work spirit, civic sense, water defense, capacity to overcome, bridges to miscegenation, pride of oneself, sincere hospitality, impulse to undertake new projects and an infinite love for the city: Ejea de los Caballeros.