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We anticipate the future by innovating the present

Move forward, feel, grow, show, transmit, see and return.

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City of Science and Innovation

Participate, R&D&I, ideas, employment, welfare and future.

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Infrastructures and land

Unite, develop, research, collaborate, innovate and build.

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Business promotion

Boost, know, respond, function, compete, think and discover.

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Quality of life

Activate, zoom in, expand, undertake, arrive, be and live.

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Programs and SMEs

Act, help, promote, innovate, design and participate.

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Ejea de los Caballeros

A modern and dynamic town that has become in recent decades one of the main axes of the Aragonese territory. An active and innovative municipality, composed of nine pieces of the same gear: Ejea and its towns: Pinsoro, Bardenas, Santa Anastasia, El Bayo, Valareña, El Sabinar, Rivas and Farasdués.

A territory to believe and create, located northwest of the province of Zaragoza, where everything that matters is within reach, in a sustainable environment. And also, here you enjoy beautiful natural landscapes, visit unique spaces and get to know a valuable artistic heritage. Discover a modern, free, living, open and diverse society. A society prepared to receive the challenges of the future. One of the main towns of Aragon.

People and Culture

Throughout history, the Ejeanos – people of Ejea – have been forging a way of living and understanding the life they had to live. That historical evolution has been penetrating the deep fabric of the society of Ejea from the past times to the most immediate present, giving rise to a feeling called “ejeanity.”

Why Ejea?

A dynamic economy

A long tradition, a broad and diversified business presence, an active industrial sector, a powerful agricultural sector, optimal conditions of respect for the environment, an extensive financial sector, versatile industrial infrastructure and a dense network of services for companies. All these facilitate the coordination of business, guaranteeing the presence of suppliers for all industrial fields.

Ejea de los Caballeros and its towns, the place to believe to create.