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We anticipate the future by innovating the present

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City of Science and Innovation

Participate, R&D&I, ideas, employment, welfare and future.

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Infrastructures and land

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Business promotion

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Quality of life

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Programs and SMEs

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Ejea Agricity

Ejea de los Caballeros is building its future based on a harmonious combination of urban spaces for citizens, quality of life and a territorial context conducive to economic activities, consolidated in the thousands of hectares of irrigated land and in the business and technology parks.

This gave rise to the concept of “agricity”. It is a viable and sustainable idea that aims to activate a stable process of participatory social innovation in the agricultural sector, which favours sharing problems and creating solutions in conjunction with local productive sectors.

This approach is based on intelligent territorial specialisation close to an innovative, technological and sustainable agri-food complex, following the principles of circular economy, environmental sustainability and public-private collaboration.

Invest in Ejea

It has a long history, a broad and diversified business community, an active industrial sector, a strong agricultural sector, optimal conditions in terms of caring for the environment, an extensive financial sector, versatile industrial infrastructures and a dense network of business services. All of this helps businesses to develop and guarantees that there are suppliers for all industrial sectors.

Ejea de los Caballeros – a place where you can create what you believe in.

Living in Ejea

Ejea de los Caballeros is a decentralised municipality, with one town, Ejea, which acts as the central nucleus and eight rural neighbourhoods (two historic enclaves and six new towns).

In a large territory and with a population of more than 17,000 inhabitants, urban areas, farmland (dry and irrigated), industrial estates and natural areas coexist in an integrated manner.

Ejea Town Council promotes and coordinates a set of strategies to reinforce the territorial, administrative, social and economic cohesion of a municipality, such as Ejea, with very specific characteristics.

Its individuality is reinforced by another differential characteristic: it is a municipality that has rurality across three spheres.

First, the rurality of a municipality within a district – the Cinco Villas – which Ejea is the capital of, where the rural plays an evidently substantial role.

Second, the rurality of a municipality with respect to the rest of Aragon and, above all, with respect to the large urban centre of Zaragoza and its metropolitan area.

And lastly, the rurality of the eight rural neighbourhoods of Ejea (six new towns and two historic ones) with respect to the central nucleus of Ejea, which has an urban influence on them.

Ejea de los Caballeros and its villages – a place where you can create what you believe in.