Valdeferrín Oeste Technology Park

Valdeferrín Oeste is the industrial estate promoted by Ejea Town Council. SOFEJEA is entrusted with its promotion and marketing.

It encompasses over 1,200,000m² of industrial land that features modern services and competitive prices. The dynamic infrastructure serves entrepreneurial implantation and develops the industrial fabric of Ejea. It is particularly equipped to house technology industries and has a high R&D+i component.

At present the companies established there are related to the paper, street furniture, artificial animal insemination technology, agricultural machinery, agro-industry and renewable energy sectors.

Valdeferrin Oeste has a business centre with offices, business services, a hotel and restaurant.

Surface area

Over 600,000m2 available, equipped with comprehensive services (electricity, water, gas, waste disposal, urbanised roads, signs and access routes) at a very competitive price. Classified as a technology and scientific park, it is an unbeatable location in which to establish industrial companies.


Its strategic position and communications infrastructures enable access to the main markets for people and goods. It is located at the foot of the A-125 motorway, a central point between Huesca, Ejea and Tudela that to the east connects with the Somport-Sagunto motorway and to the west with the Basque-Aragonese motorway.

Distance from centres of interest

  • Zaragoza: 75km.
  • Huesca: 80km.
  • Madrid: 344km.
  • Barcelona: 372km.
  • Pamplona: 107km.
  • Logroño: 131km.
  • Airport: 75km.

Close to Ejea de los Caballeros town centre, its design makes it possible to acquire made-to-measure land, to favour the investments of the companies.


Paving and pavements. Street lighting.

Water supply

The water supply is guaranteed thanks to the Yesa Reservoir and a cutting-edge water purifying plant.

Waste disposal

Ejea also has a modern sewage treatment plant, which is connected to the industrial estate and a municipal solid waste landfill site.

Electricity grid

It has a generously dimensioned electricity grid with a new Magallón-Ejea sub-station and electricity line.

Gas supply

Supply from the Gallur-Ejea gas pipeline.

Telephone and cable network

Landline network, mobile phone coverage and broadband internet connection.