City of Science and Innovation

Ejea de los Caballeros has been a City of Science and Innovation since 2010. It was awarded this distinction due to the competitive advantages created thanks to the combination of the intellectual and knowledge capital of its human resources with advanced scientific, technological and social innovative infrastructures. It is recognition for promoting a shift in the economic model based on innovation and sustainability.

This distinction recognises the significant efforts being made to strengthen economic sustainability and improve a growth pattern based on knowledge and innovation.

Ejea de los Caballeros was the first City of Science and Innovation in Aragon to obtain this distinction.

Ejea de los Caballeros forms part of the Red Innpulso network – a meeting and information point for the city councils that have obtained the distinction of City of Science and Innovation.
It is a platform made up of cities that commit to science and innovation as the sole path to lead their citizens towards a change in the productive model, based on knowledge.

Ejea de los Caballeros coordinates the working group on the “Challenges for the sustainability of the rural space” and furthermore, the Socioeconomic Council of Ejea de los Caballeros created an Innovation Observatory that is coordinated at SOFEJEA.