Fruit and vegetable sector strategy

Ejea de los Caballeros is committed to strengthening the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, fruit trees and the production of woody plants in order to pluralise local agriculture and increase the community’s opportunities.

SOFEJEA helps with this strategy to regenerate the fruit and vegetable sector and works alongside private initiatives to facilitate collaboration with CITA, EEAD and other centres to transfer agricultural knowledge.

For example, by joining forces with agricultural cooperation projects that aim to introduce peas and green beans to the irrigated crops.

In addition, Ejea de los Caballeros Town Council actively helps by means of its agricultural heritage and by renewing the irrigation systems to make them available to the innovative fruit and vegetable projects.

Furthermore, it supports farmer training and contributes to the secondary school IES Reyes Católicos de Ejea de los Caballeros offering vocational training in agricultural production.

This strategy to reactivate the fruit and vegetable sector includes the regeneration of the indigenous biodiversity, the generation of a local brand, a sustainable agricultural approach, with a particular focus on organic agriculture, innovation as the guiding principle and direct or semi-direct sale to the consumer through local channels.

It is with this purpose that SOFEJEA, together with Adefo Cinco Villas, coordinator of the programme Pon Aragón en tu Mesa [Put Aragon on your Table] and the La Despensa de las Cinco Villas [Pantry of the Cinco Villas region] website, contributes to raise awareness of local agri-food producers.