Vivir en Ejea

Family and health

Ejea de los Caballeros offers favourable living and welfare conditions to its inhabitants and this translates into a high level of citizen satisfaction.

Social and health requirements are widely covered. The hospital and specialities centre that provides specialist, programmed and emergency healthcare services, both in outpatient and inpatient care, has improved the population’s access to specialist medical services without the need to leave the municipality. The healthcare complex is completed with the continuous care centre and the 061 headquarters.

The sports facilities offer a broad and diversified range of locations for practising sports. It has a sports complex, football stadium, municipal sports complex and municipal swimming pools, 1 indoor and 10 outdoor. There are facilities in the central nucleus and in the eight villages composing the municipality.

The sports clubs and associations play a leading role in boosting local sports. In addition, the Town Council promotes activities through the Municipal Sports Service.

Furthermore, the physical and sports activities education and the Municipal Sports Council’s activities are very positive resources in terms of promoting sports.