Plano ECO2 Famemon

ECO2 Facemón

ECO2 Facemón is a municipal industrial estate that is in the design stages and will see the light in the next few years. It is located to the south of Ejea de los Caballeros town centre, on both sides of the A-1102 motorway, very close to the A-127 motorway and just beside the relief road that circumvents the town centre.

It is an industrial estate with a total surface area of 832,539m² and 541,857m² of industrial land. The distribution of the plots of land contemplates a minimum plot of land measuring 10,000m².

ECO2 Facemón is designed to house industrial activities that are difficult to accommodate in a conventional estate: special companies that require a vast area of land, recycling and recovery processes, material recovery plants, manufacture of prestressed concrete and concrete components and storage and logistics premises.

The new estate will have an extensive, modern and versatile network of services: water supply, rainwater network, sewage network, electricity grids and gas networks, street lighting, amenities plot and parking area.