La Bardena is a typical Mediterranean mountain, characteristic of the central valley of the Ebro, as well as an ecological reserve great for hiking, mountain biking and photography.

It is an area of 4,000 hectares, with abundant woodland and scrubland. It is also a wildlife reserve, in particular of some birds of prey and mammals such as wild boar, hare, rabbit and fox.

The Visitor Centre of the Aragonese Bardena, in Valareña, is the prelude to discover this natural space.

El Sabinar is a pond of small dimensions, surrounded by an extensive pine forest that serves as a recreational area. It is great for fishing. Moreover, it is an active MTB centre.

Sora and Valdemanzana is the semi-desert steppe area of Ejea de los Caballeros, in addition to hunting grounds, and an environment especially suitable for mountain biking and off-road vehicle driving.

About two kilometers east of the municipality, Los Boalares. A recreational park and a circuit for physical exercise. Nearby is the Parque Lineal del Gancho, within the City of Water – Ciudad del Agua de Ejea.

If something characterizes the mountains of Farasdués and the Marcuera, it is their animal and plant wealth, as well as hunting, hiking, mountain biking and photography.

In Farasdués, the soil covered with bearberry and boxwood shows the past forest splendour. La Marcuera has a spectacular phenomenon of erosion (piping), with underground galleries and chimneys that give rise to the so-called “badlands”.

Very close to Farasdués and La Marcuera, there is the swamp of San Bartolomé, a magnificent space to cultivate passion for fishing.

Depending on the time of the year, an extensive list of protected birds and other aquatic birds live and transit in Lagunazo de El Moncayuelo lagoon.

The Moncayuelo is one of the nuclei of greater ecological interest of Aragon.

Only five kilometers from Ejea, we find El Bolaso reservoir. Fifty hectares of pine and carrasco pine, in addition to macrocarp cypress, poplars and willows. Here, you can fish and practice water sports without motor. Moreover, you will find here a sports complex for recreation.

In the Parque de Bañera with its pleasant atmosphere, the proximity of the river, the abundant trees and the Parque Central, for its many vegetal species, the recreation area and the banks incite to the relaxation in the open air.

In the south of the city, integrated in the neighborhood of La llana, there is the Parque Lineal del Gancho, one of the places that are part of the City of Water – Ciudad del Agua of Ejea. The Park covers a large area and a lake, which allows walking, boat or bicycle rides, jogging, landscape observing and bird watching, fishing, musical performances, sailing and rowing sports, picnic areas and areas in harmony with the natural environment for relax, games for children, and devices for the exercise of the elderly.