Land and Infrastructures

Valdeferrín Oeste Industrial Estate

Valdeferrín Oeste is the industrial estate promoted by the City Council of Ejea. Its promotion and commercialization are entrusted to SOFEJEA.

More than 1,200,000 m² of industrial land with modern services and competitive prices. A dynamic infrastructure at the service of business implementation and the development of the industrial fabric of Ejea. Specially equipped to house technological industries and with a high component of R&D&I.

Currently the companies present here are related to the sectors of paper, street installations, technologies for artificial animal insemination, agricultural machinery, agribusiness and renewable energy.

Valdeferrin Oeste has a Business Centre with offices, business services, hotel and restaurant.

665,000 m² available with full services (electricity, water, gas, landfill, urbanized road, signage, access), at a very competitive price. Qualified as a Science and Technology Park. An unbeatable space for the settlement of industrial companies.

Its strategic position and its communication infrastructures allow access to the main markets for people and goods. It is located at the foot of the A-125 road, in the centre of the Huesca-Ejea-Tudela communication hub, which connects in the east with the Somport-Sagunto highway and in the west with the Vasco-Aragonesa highway.

Distances to centres of interest

  • Zaragoza: 75 Km.
  • Huesca: 80 Km.
  • Madrid: 344 Km.
  • Barcelona: 372 Km.
  • Pamplona: 107 Km.
  • Logroño: 131 Km.
  • Airport: 75 Km.

Near the town centre of Ejea de los Caballeros, its design allows you to acquire land to favour business investments.

Paving and sidewalks. Street lighting.

Water supply
The water supply is guaranteed thanks to the Yesa Reservoir and the existence of a state-of-the-art water treatment plant.

Ejea also has a modern wastewater treatment plant, to which the industrial estate is connected, and a landfill for urban solid waste.

Power grid
It has a well-sized electrical network with a new substation and Magallón-Ejea power line.

Gas supply
Supply from the Gallur-Ejea gas pipeline.

Telephone network and cable
Existence of fixed telephone network and mobile coverage and broadband Internet connection.

Municipal Business Incubator

If you have a newly created project in Ejea de los Caballeros and you are looking for an optimal environment, in the Municipal Business Incubator, within the Aula Dei Technological Science Park, in the Valdeferrín Oeste Industrial Estate, you will find eight spaces, each with 200 m² of work area and 70 m² of offices.

A new environment, equipped with modern infrastructure and services to support the startup of new companies.

A space for the nesting of companies, their growth and maturation. With subsidized rents, continued advice and accessibility to programs and grants. In one of the best industrial estates of Aragon, next to its Business Centre, very close to the Technical Office of the Aula Dei Foundation, the Agricultural Technological Centre of the Cinco Villas and close to companies with high technological content and R&D&I.

ECO2 Facemón

ECO2 Facemón is a municipal industrial estate that is in the design phase and will see the light in the coming years. It will be located south of the town centre of Ejea de los Caballeros, on both sides of the A-1102 road, very close to the A-127 road and right next to the area that encircles the urban core.

It is an industrial estate with a total area of 832,539 m² and 541,857 m² of useful industrial land. The land distribution includes a minimum plot of 10,000 m².

ECO2 Facemón is designed to house industrial activities that are difficult to accommodate in a conventional business estate: special companies with high demand for land use, recycling and recovery activities, material recovery plants, manufacture of prestressed and concrete components and storage and logistics enclosures.

The new estate will have an extensive network of modern and versatile services: water supply, rainwater network, sanitation network, electricity and gas networks, street lighting, service plot and parking area.

Science and Technology Park of Aula Dei

The Fundación PCTAD was established with the purpose of launching the Park and coordinating the scientific research activities in the agri-food and environmental field that are developed in it, channeling the research carried out by the groups, centres and public and private institutions that are located in its scope, towards the demand of the companies, thus energizing the environment of the agribusiness and increasing the added value contributed by the Aragonese business environment.

An innovative environment that stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research institutions, companies and markets; promotes the creation and growth of innovative companies through incubation mechanisms, and provides other value-added services, as well as high quality space and facilities.

Its founding members are the Government of Aragon and the Higher Council for Scientific Research, to which other employers have gradually been incorporated, including the City Council of Ejea de los Caballeros and the Agricultural Technological Centre of the Cinco Villas.


  • Promote technology transfer by connecting research centres and companies.
  • Support business research and innovation with the search for scientific and technological solutions.
  • Promote the work carried out by researchers and disseminate the portfolio of technological offer (research, training and consulting).
  • Promote the creation and consolidation of innovative companies in the agro-bio and environmental sector.
  • Strengthen inter-company relationships and business-research centres by establishing information and communication flows.



  • Management of R&D&I contracts between companies and research organizations.
  • Advice on R&D&I projects.
  • Business incubator.
  • Program of innovation and creation of technology-based and spin-off companies.
  • Cooperation networks for the transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • Technology transfer and commercialization.
  • Advice on aspects related to regional, national and international financing of R&D&I projects.


The purpose is to promote the development of scientific and technological research and business innovation in the agri-food and environmental sector, as well as the incorporation of companies in the Park.

“Cinco Villas” Agricultural & Livestock Technology Centre

The Cinco Villas Agricultural & Livestock Technology Centre is constituted as a private company owned by public bodies (City Council of Ejea de los Caballeros and Provincial Council of Zaragoza) and private organizations of the agricultural sector of great socioeconomic importance in the Cinco Villas: banking cooperatives, agricultural and livestock cooperatives, health defense groups, feed factories, among others.

The services of the Technology Centre are available to any professional in the agricultural sector: stockbreeders, farmers, cooperatives, associations and companies.

The objective of the “Cinco Villas” Agricultural & Livestock Technology Centre is the modernization and improvement of the competitiveness of the agricultural sector and R&D in the territory.