Throughout history, the Ejeanos have been forging a way of living and understanding the life that they have had to live. That historical evolution has been penetrating the deep fabric of the Ejean society from the past to the most immediate present, giving rise to a feeling called “ejeanity.”

The Cinco Villas High Resolution Health Centre is integrated into the public system and serves as a reference population of approximately 32,000 users corresponding to the basic health areas of Ejea de los Caballeros, Luna, Sádaba, Sos del Rey Católico and Tauste.

In this centre, a specialized, scheduled and urgent healthcare services are provided, both on an outpatient and hospital basis.


In Ejea de los Caballeros it is possible to enjoy natural landscapes of high interest. Find incomparable wetlands, peculiar mountains such as Las Bardenas, attractive steppes, go hiking, do sports of all kinds, live adventures or discover the beauty of art and culture and the urban face of a rising city. This look into the future defines Ejea de los Caballeros, as a city that never stops growing.

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Where the future begins. The idea is simple. The challenge is complicated, but if we are willing to break with established patterns and look at things differently, they can become reality. Because trying the impossible is how you get the possible. That way of acting corroborates what we understood a long time ago.